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Manage Your Time or it WILL Manage you!

Jennifer North   Jayne Huhtanen

Jennifer North


Jayne Huhtanen


ICBUSA Administrative Manager


Focal Point Coaching


Join Jennifer North, as she interviews Business Coach, Jayne Huhtanen.

Jennifer North: "As a busy bookkeeper running my own practice, I signed up for a workshop four years ago and it forever changed my life for the better. This is the workshop!"

We guarantee you will walk away with some great time management tips! Make the limited hours of your day more productive and rewarding.

Do you run out of day before you run out of To Do’s?

Are you stressed and frazzled; you work hard yet aren’t very productive? You are convinced that you can “never be good at time management?”
Effective time management is essential to achieving your goals in life and business, and everyone can learn to better manage their time to be more productive and get more done. We will learn:

  • How to overcome mental barriers to good time management

  • The number one principle of time management

  • Four keys to time management success

  • The top three tactics for avoiding procrastination so you can get things done

Jayne Huhtanen

All registrants will receive a handout with Jayne’s Top Time Management Tips.

Jayne Huhtanen, FocalPoint Coaching, coaches, trains and speaks on Business Planning, Personal Productivity and Effective Communication. An engineer by training, she loves to make sure “things work right”, which she leverages to help her clients be more proficient in their work so that they can accomplish those goals that are truly important to them. She has had speaking engagements sponsored by major banks and professional associations and has been featured in articles on entrepreneurship in Report on Business Magazine and the Financial Post. Jayne sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs and the Markham Board of Trade’s Women’s Leadership Team. Previously, Jayne contributed to business and organizational growth at Procter & Gamble for 26 years.

Join us and find out what is possible when you have effective systems and processes in place. This webinar will benefit you whether you already have systems you want to improve or are looking to implement them in your practice.