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ICB provides bookkeepers with all the tools they need for success. Members benefit from enhanced professional status, global recognition, on-going support, $100s of savings, and the kinship of the world’s most engaged bookkeeper community.

Whether you are running your own bookkeeping business, employed in industry, or just starting out, ICB USA is here to guide and support you along the way, with our fanastic selection of resources at each level.

ICB membership benefits:

All students and members receive:

  • Be part of the world’s largest bookkeeper community

  • Stay in the know with ICB USA daily

  • Join ICB USA’s Facebook group and other social networks to gain support from ICB and from your fellow ICB bookkeepers

  • Exclusive webinars and thought leadership content from selected ICB partners

  • Use of ICB’s Accredited Training Providers at discounted prices

  • Technical certifications
  • International Awards and Bookkeepers Conference
  • Fees include exams required to reach next ICB Membership Level

Affiliate (L1) and above:

  • As above PLUS
  • ICBenefits- discounts on everyday shopping and entertainment: Save at Amazon, American Airlines, Walmart and 100s more!


Associate (L2) and above:

  • As above PLUS
  • Resume and job application advice

  • Online job vacancy search

  • Professional letters (“AICB”) after name

  • Extra content from selected ICB partners

  • Mentoring

  • Huge software discounts from selected ICB partners

Member (L3) and above:

  • As above PLUS
  • Officially ‘certified’ by ICB and can market yourself as such

  • Can use MICB after name

  • Access to business templates and white papers to help your business workflows

  • Use of official ICB logo on marketing materials

  • Technical help sheets/document templates for bookkeeping business owners

Fellows (L4):

  • As above PLUS
  • Can use FICB after name

  • Access to ICB Global resources for business expansion or support outside of US

Can't find what you're looking for? We want to help! Reach us at to suggest resources not already listed. We'll see what we can do!

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