Best practice

Best Practices:


1) A member should not accept any work under the following circumstances:


a. The member lacks sufficient expertise or competence to complete the work.
b. The work involves the member or any other person in the commission of any criminal act.


2) A member must promptly inform their client or employer if it becomes apparent that the member is unable to complete any work within a reasonable time.


3) A member must undertake a program of planned Continuing Professional Development every year and provide to ICBUSA a record of the Continuing Professional Development undertaken as outlined by ICBUSA policy.


4) Subject to the other requirements of these rules, a member must always act in the interests of their client or employer.


5) In any professional correspondence relating to work with anyone with whom the member has professional dealings, the member shall include any designator letters the member is entitled to use, such as ICBT, AICB, MICB or MasterBookkeeper (FICB).


6) A member entitled to provide accounting and bookkeeping services to the public may engage in any advertising or promotion provided that:


a. It is not inaccurate or likely to mislead.
b. It does not make comparisons with any other bookkeeper or accountant and it does not contain any derogatory remark or suggestion about any other bookkeeper or accountant.


7) A member who is entitled to provide accounting and bookkeeping services to the public may conduct business using any business name or style provided that:


a. The business name is lawful.
b. The business name is consistent with the expected dignity of a practice operated by a member of a professional body.


8) A member who has for the time being been entrusted with the files, documents or papers of any client must at all times hold and preserve them safely in a convenient and safe place and keep them separate from and unmixed with any other client files.


9) A member must perform and complete all work for clients carefully, diligently and promptly.


10) A member in practice shall ensure that their affairs are conducted so as to comply at all times with the requirements of the current data protection legislation and any statutory modifications which are, from time to time, in force.


11) A MasterBookkeeper (FICB) or MICB member who is an owner of a firm providing services to the public shall be responsible for all employees and/or partners if the services or conduct of these individual(s) violate the association’s code of conduct.


12) A member will ensure that the training needs of their employees, associates, and themselves are regularly revised and maintained.


13) Before any work is undertaken, a member shall perform due diligence by establishing precisely what work or transaction is desired to be carried out and to what purpose, through properly communicating the scope of work to the client. Standard best practice is to use a Letter of Engagement.