Membership Subscriptions and Exam Fees

Annual Membership Fees

MasterBookkeeper (FICB)

Annual fee $250.00 – First year processing fee $75.00

Certified ICBUSA Member Bookkeeper (MICB) 

Annual Fee $200.00 – First year processing fee $75.00

Certified ICBUSA Associate Bookkeeper (AICB)

Annual Fee $125.00 

Certified ICBUSA Bookkeeping Technician (CBT) Annual Fee $125.00


Affiliate Member

Annual fee $325.00

Reduced subscription for over 65's 25% reduction                                     


Exam Fees

The ICBUSA comprehensive certification exam is $300.00


Additional information

1. The fees outlined on this page are non-refundable.

2. Annual subscriptions cover a full twelve month period and thereafter fall due on the last day of the 12th month in each successive year unless written termination of membership is received at least one month before the end of the current subscription year.

3. Members who satisfy the relevant membership criteria may apply in writing to upgrade their membership at any time. 

4. All application supporting documents should be photocopies only - do not send originals.  

5. Incorrect use of ICB designatory letters is strictly forbidden.

6. All members agree to abide by the Professional Conduct Regulations.