1. How can I display my ICBUSA Certification and membership in my marketing material?

ICBUSA has developed digital trademarked certifications. We provide Certification badges and membership logos that you can use in your marketing material. You can display the appropriate logos and digital certifcations on your websites, social media, email correspondence and in print form.

These will be made available to you upon achieving your certification levels and renewals of membership.

The certifications and badges will indicate what level of certification you have achieved with the ICBUSA. The ICBUSA member logos indicate that you are a member of the ICBUSA and you will also be allowed to use our ICBGlobal logo.

2. What can I use beside my name regarding my certification levels achieved?

You can use MasterBookkeeper (FICB), MICB, AICB, CBT beside your name. However, you can also use ICBUSA-FICB, ICBUSA-MICB, ICBUSA-AICB, and ICBUSA-CBT. The reason we allow both is that one identifies the certification you have achieved and the other identifies from what association has awarded your certification level.

It does matter who awarded your certification and that is why we allow both methods.

3. Do I have to prepare for the ICBUSA Professional Exam?

Our professional exam is based on pratical application of bookkeeping and accounting knowledge required to provided accounting services to the general public. Therefore, it will depend on your level of expertise and knowledge.

We provide an Exam Syllabus which outlines what is expected from someone taking our professional exam and it will be up to the individual if they need further preparation prior to taking our exam.

4. Does the ICBUSA offer any workbooks, textbooks or courses to help members prepare for the exam?

Yes we do. We have contracted an independent training provider to develop a prep-course that is specifically designed for our professional exam. It is only available to MasterBookkeeper (FICB) and MICB members who are ready to take our exam. This course is an option and not a pre-requisite.

For information regarding the prep-course, you can download the digital brochure from our website or contact memberservices@icbusa.org.

5. What information do you need from me to join ICBUSA?

Our requirements are based on the level of experience you have and level of education acquired to date. Therefore, you will have to provide information such as the number of years you have worked in the accounting and bookkeeping industry. The type of information that will qualify is listed below:

Acceptable Work Experience Documents:

Documents that verify your work experience:

  • Letter of employment

  • Client letters

  • Business references

  • Business registration or license

Related certifications you have already received:

  • Software

  • Payroll

  • Other certification programs


  • Diplomas or degrees

  • Continuing Education Credits, proof of completion

  • List of exams completed

  • Transcripts

  • Current course syllabus

6. How do I upgrade from CBT or AICB to MICB or MasterBookkeeper (FICB)?

To upgrade from AICB or CBT to MICB, you will need to provide proof that you have at least two years experience in the accounting and bookkeeping industry. This can be working for someone where your primary job functions were related to accounting and bookkeeping duties. If you are working as an independent contractor, we require verification from at least two customers, indicating how long you have worked with them.

For MasterBookkeeper (FICB), we require at least 5 years of experience. If you are a certified MICB member, once you have achieved 5 years, you will be automatically upgraded to a MasterBookkeeper (FICB).

For all certifications, you must maintain and be a member in good standing. To maintain good standing, you must ensure that all dues are paid on time and your Continuing Education requirements have been met.

7. Do people who are QuickBooks Pro Advisors get a discount on their membership?

Yes they do. If they can prove that they are a certified QPA for any of the Intuit product lines, they will be elgible for a 50% discount of their first year membership, plus processing fee. This discount cannot be combined with any other offer that may be offered at the time of enrollment.

To qualify as a QPA, you should email memberservices@icbusa.org and indicate what level you would like to apply for. You will receive a specific promo code regarding that membership.

8. Will webinars from ICBUSA count as CPE credits?

Yes, all ICBUSA webinars and programs will count as CPE credits. Webinars will be on a 1 to 1 ratio.

9. What is an ICBUSA License to Practice?

Around the world, professionals in the accounting field need to have a License to Practice when serving the general public. In other countries, this also applies to the professionals practicing and providing bookkeeping services.

ICBUSA is an advocate of this requirement and professional standards. Therefore, all of our professionals who provide services to the general public will be issued a License to Practice by the ICBUSA. In the USA, there is currently no legal requirement to have a license and this only applies to ICBUSA members.

10. What are the number of Continuing Professional Education hours required to maintain our certifications?

At the CBT and AICB levels, there are no CPE requirements. The Continuing Professional Education requirements only affect our ICBUSA-MICB and ICBUSA-FICB. The total CPE credit hours requirement per year is 40 hours. 20 hours are structured and 20 hours of independent study. For more information please contact memberservices@icbusa.org.