Self-study course coming in September 2016

This 8-week long ICB Technology Implementation course covers the basic principles of Technology and components of the Integrated Applications and Electronic Data Implementation in bookkeeping and its application to business in both a manual and a computerized system. The emphasis of this course is Technology and how it is a requirement for business success. Students will be exposed to in-depth levels of study, such as data manipulation, the basic elements of automating a workflow process and the application and terminology of 3rd party applications. An overview of the basic concepts of Excel, integration with accounting software and troubleshooting will also be covered.

Occupational Role: Technology Skilled Bookkeeper

Upon completion of this qualification, candidates will be able to carry out the role of Bookkeeping Technology Consultant. The ability to manipulate a variety of data sources, carry out and create a workflow process and implement technology that integrates into various aspects of the workflow. Troubleshoot integration and data errors and understand security vulnerabilities and risk assessments. At the same time to understand the integrations into the financial accounting software and the end reports.

Pre requisites

Students must have a basic knowledge of SaaS products, desktop applications, Excel and data manipulation, and internet browsing.


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