To assure conformity across all member associations, the membership levels will need to conform to certain certification level format. The level of knowledge and expertise required will be the responsibility of the ICB-Global organization based in each country. The focus of ICBUSA is to assure that we match or exceed the international standards set-up from ICB-Global who is responsible for assuring the overall general professional standards that are expected regarding the qualifications and expectations of the consumer of our members in each country.


Student level:  An individual who is taking a bookkeeping or accounting program or is planning to.

Institute Certified Bookkeeping Technician (ICBT) member: Is an individual who achieved a level of knowledge that would allow them to perform bookkeeping functions under supervision.  They would have mastered electronic bookkeeping program and have a basic understanding of bookkeeping knowledge to assure information has been properly entered in a computerized environment/software user.  

Associate member (AICB): Is an individual who has an understanding knowledge in bookkeeping and accounting theory and principles and can produce a complete set of electronic records to the trial balance stage prior to the production of financial statements.  This person will be able to provide internal bookkeeping services to their employer under supervision.

Member Institute Certified Bookkeeper (MICB) member:  Is an individual who would have had two years of experience in the accounting/bookkeeping industry and had mastered bookkeeping theory and principles. They are expected to understand and produce draft year-end financial statements for internal or tax purposes for corporations, partnership, and sole proprietorships.  In addition, they will have a basic understanding of key GAAP principles and ability to prepare appropriate non-corporate tax filings such as sales tax where appropriate.  This person may apply for a License to Practice.  This Member will be required to meet a continuing professional education (CPD) requirements.

Fellow Institute Certified Bookkeeper (FICB) member:  Is an individual who would have completed the MICB proctored exam and have a minimum of five years’ experience in the accounting field. This person will have achieved the highest level of certification awarded to members.  They will be expected to achieve a higher level of CPD requirements.  This member may also apply for a License to Practice.


Exam Requirements for the Certification Level MICB or FICB:

There will be a requirement at the MICB level for the member to pass a professional proctored exam to be awarded a Certification of professional standing. Upon successfully passing this exam, the member will have all the privileges rights and access to represent themselves as an ICB-Professional Bookkeeper.  The member at this level of Certification is expected to have achieved the professional knowledge, expertise and manner expected by the public.   The exam must be based on practical requirements as well as theory.  The exam must test that the individual has knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping required to meet the practical needs of the public.

The exam will cost $300.00 with the ability to write a second time without any other additional cost within the next 120 days of the exam date.  However, all proctored cost if any, will be the responsibility of the member.  If the member fails a second time, they will have to wait at least 9 months and the cost will be $300.00.   A third attempt failure will result in a waiting time 12 months and be charged the going exam rate at each attempt.

All associations will have to have a Professional Code of Conduct.  The code must include ethical expectation, best practices, professional behavior when performing services and addressing the public.  In addition, the code must have a process to address violations of the code which will include disciplinary consequences.  In the code, where applicable and required by the country’s laws, they must abide by all acts that would relate to and specifically name the professional bookkeeper.


Non-certified Membership or Corporate Partnerships:

Affiliate Member:  Is a non-certified member who is working in the accounting or bookkeeping field and may have another certification other awarded by ICB and would like to be part of the ICB professional community.

Strategic Partnership: A collaborating organization that wants to combine our efforts for a greater impact in our communities. This may be by fee or by exchange in membership.

Business Membership: Non-accounting professionals that would like to network with members of the ICB and participate in events and have access to general knowledge to help them with their business.  This membership is geared to a small business who has an employee or preparing their own records.