Live Webinars from a well-recognized FICB
Professional Bookkeeper, Ingrid Edstrom.

Redefining Bookkeeper for Today and Tomorrow

The bookkeeping profession has dramatically altered over the last decade. Now that almost everything can be done in the cloud and there is a diverse array of apps to automate most data entry, the role of professional bookkeeper has gone from that of recorder and "bean counter" to a role of expert and business advisor. Bookkeeping is now a highly specialized profession that requires amazing combination of tech-savvy, business acumen, and people skills. One of the biggest challenges facing our profession is that our clients and many colleagues don't realize that the industry has changed. This webinar will go through:

  • The Role of the Professional Bookkeeper in an app based world.
  • Different levels of services a Professional Bookkeeper provides to the customer of today and Tomorrow.
  • Pricing your services
  • Communicating Value to your customers and fellow professional colleagues.
  • The changes in technology impacting our profession and the tools for collaborating in this new market.
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