Live Webinars from a well-recognized FICB
Professional Bookkeeper, Ingrid Edstrom.

Secrets of Master Networkers for Bookkeeping Professionals

The pressure to be professional, make a good impression, and produce the results we are hoping for requires us to comfortable in social environments.  Believe it or not, networking is a learned skill, not some innate, magical gift reserved for the people you see schmoozing it up in the exhibition hall at conferences. Even the most extroverted class-clowns back in grade school still have to battle the awkwardness in new social situations. Whatever your level of networking experience and comfort level, this presentation will add to your existing social tool box. Let’s take a fun look at ourbusiness relationships. Edstorm will go through:

  • Why networking is an important part of every business
  • Your company's unique network strategy
  • Your personal networking personality and strengths
  • Tools to get out of your own way and step forward as a leader
  • Immediate action items to establish the relationships that will bring the results you want now.
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