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Upcoming Webinar Series


ICB is organizing a series of webinars to introduce our community partners and other topics we think our members will find useful. 


Check this page regularly as we update it with more webinars and information!


January - 2018 


 31st - Redefining Bookkeeper for Today and Tomorrow by Ingrid Edstorm 

The bookkeeping profession has dramatically altered over the last decade.  Now that almost everything can be done in the cloud and there is a diverse array of apps to automate most data entry, the role of professional bookkeeper has gone from that of recorder and "bean counter" to a role of expert and business advisor.  Bookkeeping is now a highly specialized profession that requires amazing combination of tech-savvy, business acumen, and people skills. One of the biggest challenges facing our profession is that our clients and many colleagues don't realize that the industry has changed.  





February - 2018 


7th - Secrets of Master Networkers for Bookkeeping Professionals by Ingrid Edstorm 

The pressure to be professional, make a good impression, and produce the results we are hoping for requires us to comfortable in social environments.  Believe it or not, networking is a learned skill, not some innate, magical gift reserved for the people you see schmoozing it up in the exhibition hall at conferences. Even the most extroverted class-clowns back in grade school still have to battle the awkwardness in new social situations. Whatever your level of networking experience and comfort level, this presentation will add to your existing social tool box. Let’s take a fun look at ourbusiness relationships. 




 14th - Secrets of Master Networkers for Bookkeeping Professionals by Ingrid Edstorm 


It’s easy to overlook our accounting clientele’s human issues, yet emotions like worry and fear permeate their businesses, keeping them from focusing on the big picture and long-term success. Many of our customers struggle with a “chronic poverty” mindset, in which cash flow problems are a part of day-to-day life. Reactive, immediate relief from these pressures, such as borrowing money or throwing a clearance sale to pull together cash for payroll and rent, do not solve the long-term problem; they can actually worsen things by encouraging short-term solutions that perpetuate the downward spiral. This cost-cutting for short-term results is the same mindset that prevents customers from coming to their accounting professionals for help and assistance. What can you,the professional bookkeeper, do to help break this poverty mindset with your customers? 







March - 2017

21st: Cyber Secyrity Breach Prevention and Response. Sponsored by Latino pro tax

What would happen to your business if you lost your data? What compliance obligations does your industry have? What if you were the cause of a breach at a customer site?  Register Here

21st: Is Franchising Right For Me? Sponsored by Latino pro tax

Have you ever thought about becoming a franchise? This webinar will cover the benefits of turning into a franchise. It will also discuss reasons you should not convert your business so you are able to make the right decision in the future. Register Here

22nd: The ABCs of Marketing Your Tax Business Online. Sponsored by Latino pro tax

Join PostcardMania National Speaker Barry Coziahr as he shows you the most cost-effective methods for reaching your ideal prospects online and the simple way to capture those leads to improve your bottom line! Register Here

22nd:The Warren Buffet & Bezos Method of Financing. Sponsored by Latino pro tax

Join PostcardMania National Speaker Barry Coziahr as he shows you the most cost-effective methods for reaching your ideal prospects online and the simple way to capture those leads to improve your bottom line! Register Here

22nd:Business Cash Flow. By Latino Small Business Owners - Kenneth Salas

Learn if you have a viable business that can compete in the market. Better understand the cash flow formula of your business. Receive an excel template to forecast your cash flows. Register Here

23rd: Is Your Tax Office Ready for 2017: eFile, Due Diligence and Data Security. Sponsored by Latino pro tax

Learn how legislation combined with new requirements by the IRS, State and other Government Agencies may impact the way you manage your tax office for 2017. Register Here


 April - 2017


27th:Employee Handbooks: Must-Have Policies, What to Avoid, & More. Sponsored by Latino pro tax

A current employee handbook can provide employees with important information on company rules, benefits, and pay. However, understanding which policies to include and how to properly maintain a handbook can be a challenge.  Register Here


Past Webinars 



2nd: Hubdoc - The Nuts and Bolts of Automating Your Workflow and Going Paperless - The Cloud is the future of the bookkeeping industry. You've heard it a 100 times. The hard part is mapping out your workflow, changing your processes and implementing new solutions. Join us for an awesome webinar as we dive deep into the nuts and bolts of how to identify workflow inefficiencies, evaluate and implement new apps and bridge the gap from desktop to cloud. Listen Here


9th: Juliet Aurora - Hiring Right: The Kninja Hiring Process - Growing your team is one of the biggest challenges for growing or scaling your business. Yes, you can hire, but are you finding the best talent, and the right members for your team. In this webinar we will share our unique hiring process which should only take about 4 hours of your team, and help you choose a Kninja Bookkeeper for your team! Listen Here


16th: Julie Aydott, CFE - Bookkeeping Accountability - Today's new aged risk for bookkeepers and accountants on occupational fraud and embezzlement. Learn what the risks are and how to protect yourself as well as your clients or employer. - Listen Here





30th: All Things ICBUSA  - In Depth Intro to ICBUSA Watch Listen Here


8th: Dissecting the Balance Sheet with Seth David 

(Special Mentors in the Industry Series) watch a special preview here 




20th: Seth David - Pricing Power Concepts - Listen Here


1st: Gabrielle Fontaine - The Freelance Bookkeeper Success Formula  (How to Bypass the 7 Biggest Roadblocks to Your Bookkeeping Business Success)- Listen Here

11th: Seth David - The Future of the Bookkeeper (Join a VERY special Panel learn what the thought leaders view of the  Bookkeeping Future) - Listen


17th: ICBUSA - All things ICBUSA (Learn about ICB - Special Announcement Join us to Learn the latest in your Bookkeeping Industry ) Listen Here



1st: Landy Insurance - Professional Liability Insurance: I am a Bookkeeper I don't need Insurance.  (Think you don't need insurance? Can your client sue you if you make a mistake? What if you work in one state but have clients in another state are you covered? How about hiring employees are you liable for their mistakes even if they are an independent contractor?) - Listen Here 

8th: 1099's and Year End Compliance Webinar - Brought to you by ICBUSA (Are you ready for Year End? It is just around the corner! Find out what you need to know to be in compliance.) - Register Here

9th: PHYSICAL Meeting: "What's New in QuickBooks 2017" Sponsored by Intuit  -

The Fabulous Gale Kirsopp & the wonderful Kaydee Peterson RSVP -Breakfast & Lunch 7:30-2:30 pm 

Location:  South Seattle Community College - Georgetown Campus 

14th: 'Taking Physical Inventory Counts' - Register Here 

19th: How to match the right client to Quickbooks Self Employed - Brought you by Mariette Martinez  Register Here

28th: 'Creating Bills of Material' - Register Here



11th: 'QuickBooks Online Inventory' - Register Here

19th: FreshBooks - Helping Your Small Business Clients Reach Their Full Potential - CANCELLED Stay tuned for rescheduled date.

23rd: Stacy Kildal Presents - Streamline Workflow & Achieve Inbox Zero with a $0 Budget - Listen Here

25th: 'Inventory Software that Works With QB Online' - Register Here