As Certified ICBUSA members, you are committed to the continuing development of professional skills. You also secure your status as a leader among professional bookkeepers in the USA.

  1. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is defined as the systematic maintenance, enhancement and continuous improvement of the knowledge, skills and ability, often termed ‘competence’, that one needs to work as a professionally qualified bookkeeper. There are two components to CPE:

    1. Update CPE, which ensures professional competence and prevents technical obsolescence within the member’s field of work.

    2. Developmental CPE, which provides new knowledge, broadens skills and opens up career opportunities.

  2. There will be a requirement of 40 CPE credit hours per year to satisfy the Professional Certification for MICB and FICB members. The split will be 20 hours structured/verifable and 20 hours of independent study.

  3. The ICBUSA CPE program requires our members to incorporate both components in their CPE Program. It is the responsibility of each MICB and FICB member to maintain Update and Development CPE’s demanded by their role and the needs of those to whom they provide a service.

  4. This program is self-monitored and will require the member to upload CPE information to their MYICB account for review at the request of ICBUSA. It will be the responsibility of the Member to update and keep on hand CPE logs and verifiable documentation for CPE credits for a minmum of 3 years.


The purpose of the Continuing Professional Education Program for our FICB and MICB Members:

  1. Meet the demands for knowledge, understanding and skills in keeping with the newest legislation, practice and technology.

  2. Provide the opportunity to extend those technical interpersonal and managerial skills which they seek to aid their career progression.

  3. Maintain the confidence of employers and the general public in the standard of the ICBUSA qualifications and abilities of our professional members.

Types of Continuing Professional Education allowable credits are as follows:

  1. Strucutred and verifiable CPE credits are as follows:

    1. Coures, Seminars, workshops

    2. Conferences

    3. Techinical and Educational webinars

    4. Self-Study courses

    5. Programs and other courses required for other professional designations.

    6. Internal or External training courses.

  2. Unstrucutred and non-verifiable CPE credits are as follows:

    1. Reading information related to the improvement on either strands of CPE strands (Update / Development), such as books, articles, journals and Newsletters.

    2. Case Studies

    3. Manuals

    4. Committee Work

    5. Project Work

    6. Making Presentations

*Note all ICB Webinars and programs will qualify for CPE credits.