Certification for FICB and MICB Levels

At the FICB and MICB levels, members will be required to pass a professionally invigilated exam in order to be awarded a certification of professional standing. Upon successful completion of this exam with a grade of 70% or higher, the members will have all the privileges, rights and access to represent themselves as Certified ICBUSA Professional Bookkeepers. The members at these levels of certification are expected to demonstrate the professional knowledge, expertise and conduct required by the public. The exam is based on practical requirements as well as theory. The exam confirms that members have the knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping required to meet the practical needs of the public.

The exam will cost $300 per attempt. All invigilation costs, if any, will be the responsibility of the member. If a member fails the exam, it can be attempted again after 30 days. In the event of a second failure, the member must wait 90 days to write the exam again. A third failure will result in a waiting period of 12 months. Each attempt will be charged the full amount.





FICB (5+ Years Work Experience)
MICB (2+ Years Work Experience)
AICB (Completion of an Accounting Training Program)
CBT (Completion of Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training)


Acceptable Work Experience Documents

  • Documents that verify your work experience:

Letter of employment
Client letters
Business references
Business registration or license

  • Related certifications you have already received:

Other certification programs

  • Education:

Diplomas or degrees
Continuing Education Credits, proof of completion
List of exams completed
Current course syllabus

Upload your documents through the MyICB Membership Portal. If you have any questions, please contact