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By joining the ICBUSA, you are being supported by, and in turn you are supporting, the largest bookkeeping certification body in the world. There are four levels of certification. (See membership levels here)

All of our certifications are designed to recognize and communicate your work experience and your educational background.

The process for becoming a member of ICBUSA was updated February 2018, please see below.

To Become a Member

1. Create a MyICB account by logging in here

2. Once your account is created, upload necessary documents you require for your membership. See list of acceptable documents here

3. Pay for your annual membership dues, administration fees and exam fees or exam preparation course fees, if applicable.

Purchase membership 

4. Once your payment is received, you will receive a welcome package with more detailed instructions.

ICBUSA Professional Certifications (Senior Level, Professional Exam Required)

Our Professional Certifications are MasterBookkeeper (FICB) and MICB and are granted once our members pass a comprehensive professional bookkeeping exam, with a minimum grade of 70%. These designations are for senior-level bookkeeping professionals.

To become a MasterBookkeeper (FICB), you require 5 years of verifiable work experience.

To become a Certified ICBUSA Member Bookkeeper (ICBUSA - MICB), you require 2 years of verifiable work experience.

ICBUSA Technical Certifications (Employer Supervision)

Our Technical Certifications are AICB and CBT and are granted once members confirm their work experience and/or their accounting/bookkeeping software certification and training. Members with these certifications require employer supervision.

To become a Certified ICBUSA Associate Bookkeeper (ICBUSA - AICB), you must provide proof of completion of an accounting program at the college or university level.

To become a Certified ICBUSA Bookkeeping Technician (ICBUSA - CBT), You must provide proof of completion of an accounting software package.

Professional Affiliate Member:

Is a non-certified member of the institute who was not certified by ICBUSA but is in the bookkeeping and accounting industry and has been certified by another association or institute.

Use your existing qualifications and/or bookkeeping software experience to start on the right career path and eventually achieve a Professional Certification. You can obtain more information about becoming a member of the ICBUSA by contacting Member Services at memberservices@icbusa.org.